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State of the Union 2016

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first things first rest in peace uncle phil, for real
Hope u knew the father, loves u like you coach carter, in his presence we can chill
First a little interduction,
the landscape ,Our land scrapes, to find function,
But they don't really want to hear me though
Rather hear repeated words, words? on the radio
Ugghh.... SMH like I shake my head
Rather talk about Lord, raised from the dead
2016, State of the Union
an S on my chest, do a dab, cam Newton
Chicago for a min, but I’m repin CO
Got em clappin, prasing, yelling sherman, like the pro bowl
I’m online, shout to the 719
I'm on faith, like Roy al asked me to sign
Im… number 3 with the cornrolls
enemy, catch an injury, call em derick rose

Our music is driven, for christ who has risen, He’s still livin
Know that we winning, doing his bidding, so its all fitting.
Shout to the bro, J. cole, keeping real on the low
Cross Centered, live for ever, we gone do it till we go !