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Download 2Tall's first single "Green Light"


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Summer Startup Bash - June 25th

My Fathers House, 3590 Grape Street, Denver, CO

Starts at 12PM! Music begins at 1pm! (NOON - 5PM)

Suprised by hope

Koncrete Eden Showcase

Multiply Youth Conference

The Refuge at Friendship Assembly of God church , 3685 New Center Point 80922, Colorado Springs, Colorado

Join us for our first ever youth conference here at the Refuge! We are expecting 100 + teens from all over Colorado Springs to come together for a day of worship, preaching, training, fun, and comedy - bring your friends! There is absolutely no cost and you will receive a t-shirt and lunch!



Sarah Seaborn 80th Birthday

Sarah Seaborn's Birthday celebration. Genesis and Kim Seaborn will be providing music.

An Open Letter to my Supporters - Outré 

Since the most recent seasons of my past, I can say that I have the utmost privilege to declare that I am more humble than I have ever been in my entire life, as a result of some very degrading but also momentous occasions, for both dark and bright times in my life have been monumental. Often times I have felt separated from humanity, but, while simultaneously connected to man, communicating to, for and about the most oblivious emotional cry that a man could ever cry out. Through all of the suffering, still I too have yet to discover why it is that I can both communicate my pain but yet remain insufficient in translating the language of it. 

I too, even with answers, seek answers, for I have learned that life is exceptional but not in such a way that it’s obligated to loyally remain as so. 

More than enough my hands have felt lonely, because often times I’ve felt unaccompanied by the people that I allowed in my life. 

Unfortunately, I have been severely betrayed by the people who were supposed to fight with me. 

More than enough I have been spat on by many of the people in which I have sown my time into. 

There were times when the boats have sailed the sea without my presence, but I’ve learned to swim the shores with only two things: a rock, and a kite string. 

On few occasions, I have been told that perhaps I should compromise, and blend in with those around me. I have learned that those who ask you to conform any aspect in presenting yourself are the same people that have revealed a tiny piece about themselves expressing that they silently want to be worshiped. 

Denial, loneliness, pride, identity, and the people attached to my story, these are the things that I have passionately, as well as humorously exposed in this album from a place of much pain in the midst of many hurting storms. 

With much love and compassion, I have expressed my struggles with being a misfit, but I am learning to see beyond my reality, and more than anything, I am learning to persevere for the glory of God. 

I will admit that I have not always been the most humble during particular times of calamity and persecution, but through all of the pain and loneliness, I have remembered the mission, and that is to sacrifice all of my life pressing toward the mark, loving on friends, enemies, strangers, and humanity relentlessly. 

These are the pains. These are the victories. 

We are the pioneers. 


Outré The Unconventional

Move The Gospel 

The goal, the mission of the videos, spoken word, music, photos, creative arts, is to introduce Christ.

Without that mission, everything including the music is in vain. We refuse to live in vain.
Which means, even if we have to die while doing this, then so be it.  
So be it.
By all means necessary, the Gospel must move. 
Life or death. 
We mean that.

New Blog Post!  

Hey guys so I'm back haha!  Been away for awhile, just been real busy but I've now purposed in my heart to post things here more.  So I think maybe every Friday for now on I'll post something here.  I hope you guys find these things encouraging as I do.  Here's a post from a page I subscribe too.  Really great truths here! Much Love! 

Oh and feel free to check our brother's post here, really great things on Grace:

The Gospel of Elihu

Out to get me

The problem with manmade religion is that it views the Bible in a distorted way that glorifies self and diminishes grace. This can be seen in the way religion portrays Job as a good guy and God as a bad guy who sends the devil to do his dirty work.

Contrary to popular opinion, Job was not a giant of faith but a superstitious and fearful whiner, and God certainly did not send Satan to make Job’s life miserable. (Before you write to tell me I don’t know the Bible, please click on those links and read the relevant posts.)

Why are so many confused about Job? Because they’ve only read the first chapter. They’ve read the bit where it says:

There was a man in the land of Uz, whose name was Job; and that man was perfect and upright, and one that feared God, and eschewed evil. (Job 1:1, KJV)

And the other bit where it says…

In all this, Job did not sin by charging God with wrongdoing. (Job 1:22)

If you only read chapter 1, you will conclude that Job was perfect, blameless, and an all-round saint. But keep reading and you will find that he was anything but perfect. But that’s okay because none of us is perfect and all of us need grace.

I’m not here to knock Job down – the devil already did that – but to lift God up. I want you to see that God is far greater than the devil and far better than religion makes him out to be.

So that you might appreciate the grace God gives to imperfect people, I want to look at three ways Job missed the mark. Job messed up. He got three things wrong about God and, if we are unacquainted with the gospel of Jesus, we will repeat his mistakes.

And because people sometimes write in and say “You’re adding to scripture” when I say things like “Job messed up,” we’re going to see how God responded to Job through his servant Elihu.

1. Job blamed God for his suffering

Job did not hesitate to attribute his suffering to a Lord who gives and takes away (Job 1:21), who gives both good and trouble (Job 2:10), and who had made his life bitter (Job 27:2). In Job’s understanding the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune come from the Lord’s bow:

Why do you shoot your arrows at me? (Job 7:20, NIrV)
The arrows of the Almighty are in me, my spirit drinks in their poison (Job 6:4)

When hard times come there is a temptation to point the finger at the Lord, but was Job correct in blaming God for his hardships? No. Near the end of the book he is confronted by a young man called Elihu. Elihu is the voice of wisdom and sanity and he says:

Far be it from God to do evil, from the Almighty to do wrong. (Job 34:10)

If you think God gives and takes away, stop listening to Job and listen to Elihu. God won’t kill your kids or steal your wealth or make you sick. God gives good gifts, not bad gifts like cancer, and his gifts are without revocation. God doesn’t give us sickness to teach us character and he doesn’t take away things we are enjoying.

2. Job thought God was hostile towards him

Like many people who are going through hard times, Job thought God was out to get him:

Why do you avoid me? Why do you treat me like an enemy? … You bind chains on my feet; (Job 13:24,27)

Have you ever been in so much hurt that you thought God was trying to kill you? Then you’re in good company, because that’s what Job thought (see Job 30:21-23). But Job was wrong. Elihu, who had a much better understanding of God’s good character, spoke up to correct his misperception:

You have said in my hearing–I heard the very words… “God has found fault with me; he considers me his enemy. He fastens my feet in shackles; he keeps close watch on all my paths.” But I tell you, in this you are not right, (Job 33:8, 10-12)

Religion says, “God is mad at you, God hates you, God is sick of you.” But the gospel of Elihu declares that God loves you and is for you:

He is wooing you from the jaws of distress to a spacious place free from restriction, to the comfort of your table laden with choice food (Job 36:16)

God doesn’t give us pain and trouble but he delivers us in our suffering and speaks to us in our affliction (Job 36:15). He does this because he’s our Father who loves us and cares for us.

3. Job accused God of being unjust

As surely as God lives, who has denied me justice, the Almighty, who has made my life bitter (Job 27:2)

Read the Book of Job in one sitting and you’ll see Job’s descent into madness. At the beginning it’s all roses and religious soundbites, but by chapter 27 the mask has well and truly come off and Job is fed up.

God-Alive! He’s denied me justice! God Almighty! He’s ruined my life! (Job 27:2, MSG)

This is a serious accusation yet it is one we may be tempted to make. “God allowed this to happen. This is all his fault. IT’S NOT FAIR!”

What does Elihu say in response to this accusation?

Is there anyone like Job, who drinks scorn like water?… It is unthinkable that God would do wrong, that the Almighty would pervert justice. (Job 34:7,12)

God did not ruin Job’s life and he won’t ruin yours. Life is unjust. Life will beat you up. But God is never unjust.

If you are going through tough times, don’t follow Job down into the dunghill of self-pity and finger-pointing. Listen to Elihu:

Oh, [insert your name here], don’t you see how God’s wooing you from the jaws of danger? How he’s drawing you into wide-open places– inviting you to feast at a table laden with blessings?  (Job 36:16, MSG)

Be like David who saw, in the presence of his enemies, a banquet table prepared by the Lord (Ps 23:5). Your heavenly Father is for you, not against you!

I hope you can see that Job was not the sweet-smelling saint that religion makes him out to be. Although we have this perception that Job said nothing wrong, Elihu said, “Job, you talk sheer nonsense–nonstop nonsense!” (Job 35:16, MSG).

And this brings me to the best and final part of our series. Even though Job got it wrong in so many ways, God was for him and God brought him through to a spacious place. How did that happen? We’ll find out in just a few days.


Word of the Day 

"You can't know (understand) the spiritual things of God through the natural mind. You receive revelation in the spirit man." - Andrew Wommack Don't let the natural things harden you heart towards the things of God. His wisdom is beyond fathomable but we have the mind of Christ and with it we can understand all things. :) Just heard this message this morning and I was thinking dang this is so good! The more we see Him, the more we see who we are. We are not natural, we are supernatural!

What we believe... 

What does it mean to #MTG ? (What we believe)
1. Recognize that we have committed sin and that it separates us from the 1 and only God. (Isaiah 59:2, Romans 3:23, Mark 9:45)
2. Know and believe that God sent his son Jesus Christ paid the penalty that we deserved. (Romans 5:8-9, 6:23, John 10:10)
3. To believe and have faith and relationship with him we must repent and confess with our mouth that HE is lord. Ask him to save us and to come into our lives. (Romans 10:9, 2 Corinthians 5:17)
4. Read and believe that the word is true and apply these principles to our daily lives. Pray and tell others about Christ through outreach within our communities and the world. 
5. Represent Christ in a world that needs Christ through love. 

How to Resist the Devil!!! 

Yo, so resisting the devil seems to be a big deal for us Christians but do we give him more power than he really deserves?  I mean he deserves nothing!   We know that He is a liar and deceiver and he'll do everything in his power to stop you from manifesting truth.  He's a phony!   A everlasting loser!   So what do we have in Christ as believers? Let's not let the enemy eat our lunch anymore! lol    Here's an awesome word on Resisting the Devil.  It's so simple, we overcomplicate it.  Let's go deeper Sons and Daughters of God! :)


Revelation on Marriage 

Hey guys! So It's been awhile since I've posted on here. I know I said I would post at least once a week, man life has just been hectic lately. Hope everyone had an awesome Christmas and New Years! Another year celebrating of being in the Lord! Anyways I just wanted to share some revelation on marriage that I had received from reading a book called "From Eternity to Here" by Frank Viola. If you haven't already read it you should definitely check it out. Below is a posting I submitted on Facebook earlier this evening.

Just some encouragement: "Wow...learning some deep truths about marriage and the Lord's plan for it. A women changing her last name doesn't mean the man owns her but it means she has become one with her man. Just as we are to become one with Christ. Christ told us to love our wives, as He loves the Church. Wow...mind blown. God's love for man is way bigger than we could ever imagine. In addition Marriage is much more cooler than made out to be. Follow Jesus with me."

So yeah, we are worth so much to Christ! In fact He is obsessed with us! Ok, maybe you're thinking "no way!" I promise you it's true! It's written all over in His word! Not to mention, He died for us! No greater Love than that! Be blessed fam!

Saying No to just Sensual living 

As Christians, we're not called to live sensually but spiritually.  Dude I need a daily reminder of this because it's so easy to give into what the flesh desires.  I mean we were taught and have been growing up this way most of our lives.  But Jesus was very clear when He said, "Take up your cross and follow me."  It's really hard to take up our crosses and follow if we can't get past ourselves.  lol  For Example, I love my sleep and man am I a jerk when I don't get enough sleep. But how am I manifesting love in that?  I mean being a jerk is not one of the fruits of the Spirit. lol  How can we be Love in every situation yet yield to our desires and wants?  The truth is we can't.  Furthermore we weren't created to live for ourselves.  So I say let us yield to the Spirit that we may put to death every desire that comes against His kingdom and keeps us from growing up in Him.  If any evil desire or the flesh starts rising, remember who you are and start praising Jesus for the man and woman He has called and is transforming you to be.   Much Love!  Kingdom children reign!

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