About Josh

Joshua was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma into a loving Christian family. When he was five-years-old, him and his family moved to Cache, Oklahoma where he lived until he moved to Denver, Colorado to be with his wife Liz. When Josh was younger he would break plastic hangers to make drum sticks. Then when he was about 13-years-old his parents purchased him his first drum set. Sitting down at the drums for the first time he already knew how to play just from banging on things with pencils, broken hangers and watching other drummers play. During his 20’s, Josh and his father had a family owned recording studio in Cache, OK. It was from his father that Josh gained a true love and appreciation for music and the recording process. Joshua’s number one love in life is the Lord. When he is not drumming with CCR, he enjoys recording his Podcast, Anchor Of My Soul.

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