They Don't Understand Us...and You Left Me There.


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Since the most recent seasons of my past, I can say that I have the utmost privilege to declare that I am more humble than I have ever been in my entire life, as a result of some very degrading but also momentous occasions, for both dark and bright times in my life have been monumental. Often times I have felt separated from humanity, but, while simultaneously connected to man, communicating to, for and about the most oblivious emotional cry that a man could ever cry out. Through all of the suffering, still I too have yet to discover why it is that I can both communicate my pain but yet remain insufficient in translating the language of it. I too, even with answers, seek answers, for I have learned that life is exceptional but not in such a way that it’s obligated to loyally remain as so. More than enough my hands have felt lonely, because often times I’ve felt unaccompanied by the people that I allowed in my life. Unfortunately, I have been severely betrayed by the people who were supposed to fight with me. More than enough I have been spat on by many of the people in which I have sown my time into. There were times when the boats have sailed the sea without my presence, but I’ve learned to swim the shores with only two things: a rock, and a kite string. On few occasions, I have been told that perhaps I should compromise, and blend in with those around me. I have learned that those who ask you to conform any aspect in presenting yourself are the same people that have revealed a tiny piece about themselves expressing that they silently want to be worshiped. Denial, loneliness, pride, identity, and the people attached to my story, these are the things that I have passionately, as well as humorously exposed in this album from a place of much pain in the midst of many hurting storms. With much love and compassion, I have expressed my struggles with being a misfit, but I am learning to see beyond my reality, and more than anything, I am learning to persevere for the glory of God.

I will admit that I have not always been the most humble during particular times of calamity and persecution, but through all of the pain and loneliness, I have remembered the mission, and that is to sacrifice all of my life pressing toward the mark, loving on friends, enemies, strangers, and humanity relentlessly. These are the pains. These are the victories. We are the pioneers.


Outré The Unconventional

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